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Smoking and Bladder Cancer

Learn about the risks of smoking and bladder cancer and take charge of your health Many people do not realize that smoking tobacco is the single most important known risk factor for bladder cancer. Smoking is estimated to contribute to 50% of bladder tumors. Current smokers are at higher risk

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Resources for Veterans

BCAN’s Patient Insight Webinar focused on the physical and emotional impact of bladder cancer unique to our veteran population. View the recorded modules to hear what experts in this field have to say and learn how to best navigate the VA system. View the recorded webinar modules: Part I: Medical Breakdown of

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The New Normal

 Living with a Urinary Diversion “The New Normal: Living with a Urinary Diversion” video series profiles eight bladder cancer survivors giving voice to their choice, to let others know about living well with a urinary diversion. The videos are not intended to provide medical advice but rather, illustrate the day-to-day impact

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