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Ronac Mamtani, MD, MSCE

Dr. Mamtani is a medical oncologist and cancer epidemiologist. His clinical practice focuses on bladder cancer and he participates in Penn’s multidisciplinary bladder cancer clinic. His research sits at the interface between population-science and patient-oriented research and focuses on understanding the role of host factors on bladder cancer outcome.

Dr. Mamtani currently leads an NCI funded prospective cohort study which aims to identify metabolic risk factors for bladder cancer recurrence after cystectomy. He has particular experience using ‘big data’ from large electronic medical record and administrative databases such as The U.K Health Improvement Network, the U.S. National Cancer Database, Medicare and Medicaid, and Kaiser Permanente of Nort
hern California. Additionally, he serves on the American Society of Clinical Oncology Scientific Program Committee for Health Services Research and Quality of Care.



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