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Active Living with Bladder Cancer

Staying Active is Easier than You Think

Staying active is important, but it is even more important when facing bladder cancer. Staying or becoming active during bladder cancer helps the body stay strong and helps patients everywhere have a better quality of life. 

Generally, bladder cancer patients and survivors can resume the activities they enjoyed before their diagnosis, and some even patients have learned new activities.

If you aren’t currently active, it is recommended to get 30 minutes a day of moderate intensity activity. Moderate intensity means that the activity is somewhat hard, and that you can carry on a conversation, but you probably couldn’t sing. Walking is a great activity and can help your body stay strong. There are many activities that you might enjoy, such as swimming, sports, gardening, or yoga.

Talk to your doctor before starting a new exercise plan or physical activity. You can also learn more about “pre-hab” and preparing your body for treatment by checking out these videos about getting ready for surgery and treatment.

Nutrition During Bladder Cancer

Being healthy before, during, and after treatment is an important part of your cancer journey

Recipes and Tips

Try something that is tasty and nutricious tonight.

Learning about Side Effects

There can be many side effects to bladder cancer treatment, but we have some tips on how to manage them.


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