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For thousands of doctors and patients across the country BCAN has been a companion in the search for a cure and the fight against bladder cancer. We could not achieve such impact without the endless help of our advocates, supporters and volunteers. 

Find Support

  • Survivor to Survivor

    While bladder cancer is the 7th most common type of cancer, it can feel lonely during the bladder cancer journey.  Many bladder cancer patients ask about things like what to expect with a surgery or procedure, what to expect with treatment, and how other survivors approached getting back to “normal.”  Many patients simply ask to just talk to someone who knows what they are going through.

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  • In-person Support Group

    Bladder Cancer Support Groups are listed by state. Please note, many groups are not meeting in person right now. Check with the contact listed to see if they have virtual support groups available.

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  • Online Support Community

    Over 43,000 members connecting all in one place. Learn more about Online Support Community.

  • BCAN Chapters

    A BCAN Chapter is a group of volunteers who share BCAN’s vision in changing the lives of those affected by bladder cancer; a group of people just like YOU that have been touched by bladder cancerthemselves in some way.

    Finding support through your regional chapter is a wonderful way to not only have important questions answered, but to make lifelong friendships with people who know exactly what the bladder cancerjourney can be like.

  • Clinical Trials

    A clinical trial is a research study that tries to find better ways to prevent, screen for, diagnose, or treat a disease.  Clinical trials are an essential part of cancer research.  They may provide possible treatment alternatives to patients who have not had success with standard and approved therapies.  People who take part in cancer clinical trials have an opportunity to contribute to the knowledge of, and progress against, cancer.


  • Bladder Cancer Expert Videos

    The Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network is proud to provide these live and recorded video programs by leading experts across the country, to help you understand and manage your bladder cancer diagnosis.

    These bladder cancer expert videos are recorded from live programs and each one is broken down into shorter chapters, and the transcripts are available as a PDF. Click on the links below to learn more in these bladder cancer expert videos.

  • Women & Bladder Cancer: Sharing Stories to Advance Research

    Each of these women’s stories are memorable and unique. However their stories are repeated often around the country because women are not the “typical bladder cancer patient.”

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  • Resources for Caregivers & Patients

    Bladder cancer can affect the well being and quality of life for both a patient and those that care about him or her. It is important to know that you are not alone. A caregiver plays an important role in supporting the individual with bladder cancer.

  • Resources for Veterans

    BCAN’s Patient Insight Webinar focused on the physical and emotional impact of bladder cancer unique to our veteran population. View the recorded modules to hear what experts in this field have to say and learn how to best navigate the VA system.

  • Firefighters and Bladder Cancer

    Exposure to carcinogens in fires and in other situations puts firefighters and other first responders at an elevated risk of bladder cancer.

  • Bladder Cancer Basics Handbook

    BCAN’s updated Bladder Cancer Basics handbook for patients is available, free of charge.

    This handbook helps you learn about your diagnosis and treatment options to enable you, with the help of your medical team, to make informed choices about your continued medical care.