Partners and Sponsors

Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network partners with companies and organizations to further the fight against bladder cancer, ensure quality programs and support services and enhance our research programs.  Our national partners not only sponsor BCAN events, but also provide programmatic support, enabling us to advance our mission on behalf of the bladder cancer community. Their support provides BCAN with the opportunity to further our mission to increase public awareness about bladder cancer, advance bladder cancer research and provide educational and support services for the bladder cancer community. 

We would like to thank our corporate partners for their generous support.

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Our corporate sponsors provide financial support of BCAN events at various levels and receive specific benefits in return. The first step in the process of learning more about sponsorship is to request our sponsorship prospectus which outlines the value you will receive for sponsoring events such as Think Tank, the Walk/Run to End Bladder Cancer, Patient Webinars, Conversations Videos, etc.

If you are interested in partnership or sponsorship opportunities, please contact BCAN’s Development department at

BCAN’s Principles of Partnership

BCAN partners with companies and organizations to advance our mission: to increase public awareness about bladder cancer, advance bladder cancer research, provide educational and support services for the bladder cancer community. These companies and organizations share our commitment to improving the lives of bladder cancer patients and their families.

BCAN solicits financial contributions from pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and other corporate entities to support a variety of BCAN’s activities, including our patient educational programs and resources, our annual Think Tank scientific meeting, and our annual Walks to End Bladder Cancer.  These financial contributions can be in the form of grants, sponsorships, or charitable donations.  BCAN enters into these partnerships under the following principles:

  • BCAN will independently develop educational programs, scientific research programs and public policy positions.  BCAN will retain sole control over the content of all of its programs and activities.
  • BCAN will not accept funding that requires exclusivity for any project, unless the Board determines that the project presents a transformational opportunity and the Board adopts a management plan to reduce any potential conflict of interest.
  • BCAN will endeavor to secure multiple sources of financial support for each of its programs for which it solicits corporate contributions.
  • BCAN and its corporate partners will respect the privacy of bladder cancer patients and BCAN will not share any personal patient or family information unless specifically authorized by the patient and family. 
  • The results of any research or survey conducted by any third party through BCAN will be shared with BCAN.
  • BCAN will not endorse or promote a specific product or treatment when partnering with or receiving financial support from any company.
  • BCAN will provide information to patients and families about clinical trials, but will not seek to influence patients’ choices about whether to participate in a clinical trial.
  • BCAN will maintain a written record of the request for support to any corporate entity, including details as to the program(s) to be funded, the amount requested and the amount received.
  • BCAN will maintain a listing on its website of corporate entities who provide financial support, including the programs or activities that were funded.  No representative of a pharmaceutical or biotechnology company is eligible to be elected to the BCAN Board of Directors.
  • Any member of BCAN’s Board of Directors must disclose any financial or advisory relationship he/she has with any pharmaceutical or biotechnology company, and where appropriate, may be recused from Board discussions regarding any partnership with such company.