Videos About Bladder Cancer

Trying to understand bladder cancer and its diagnosis, treatment and other topics can feel overwhelming. This page contains links to expert explanations about bladder cancer, stories from patients and caregivers about their journeys as well as animations that help illustrate some common terms related to the disease.

  • Animated Videos About Bladder Cancer

    Understanding bladder cancer can be difficult, so we have provided animated videos that explain some of the more common terms related to the disease.

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  • Expert Videos

    These bladder cancer expert videos are recorded from live programs with bladder cancer experts and some patients.  The video transcripts are available as well.

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  • Patient and Caregiver Videos

    These videos highlight patients and caregivers in the BCAN community who shared their personal experiences about their diagnoses, treatments as well as living with bladder cancer.

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  • BCAN’s YouTube channel

    BCAN’s YouTube channel provides hundreds of videos for bladder cancer patients and those who love them, including patient stories, expert explanations, and important guides for patients, caregivers, advocates and healthcare professionals.

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