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Rare Bladder Cancer

Presented by Dr. Andrea Apolo from the National Institute of Health.  Year: 2019 Part I: Detecting Rare Bladder Cancers, and Squamous Cell Carcinoma Video | … Read more

Palliative Care

Presented by Dr. Elizabeth Wulff-Birchfield from the Unversity of Washington. Year: 2019 Part I: What is Palliative Care Video | Text Transcript… Read more

#BCANTT19 Photos

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As seen in USA Today

Blood in your urine is never normal The most common clinical sign of bladder cancer is painless gross hematuria, or blood in the urine that can… Read more

2019 BCG Shortage Update

Presented by Seth Lerner, MD, from Baylor University College of Medicine, and Robert Svatek, MD,from University of Texas Health, San Antonio, and patient advocate, Rick Bangs. Year: 2019 Part I: Background and History of… Read more