2020 BCAN John Quale Travel Fellows

Since 2009, the John Quale Travel Fellowship Program has made it possible for early-career investigators interested in bladder cancer research to attend  our annual Bladder Cancer Think Tank Meeting.  The Travel Fellowship Program engages early-career individuals such as basic scientists, urologists, oncologists, and pathologists and connects them with hundreds of other bladder cancer research and medical professionals for a once-a-year in person opportunity.

Given that the COVID-19 pandemic persists in threatening global health and safety, BCAN was compelled to cancel the 2020 Think Tank. We recognize and look forward to meeting these exemplary young researchers at the 2021 Think Tank in Denver, CO,  August 5-7, 2021.

While the pandemic has made it impossible to honor these early-career professionals in person, we are still delighted to introduce the 2020 John Quale Travel Fellows.

  • The care of patients with bladder cancer, defining bladder cancer research, and diffusion of impactful work into the community encompass the passion that fuels my career interest. This was ignited in my work in residency, has been set ablaze by my focus in fellowship, and will provide the kindling on which to build a bright future. The opportunity to travel to the Bladder Cancer Think Tank via this Fellowship, build lasting collaborative relationships, and continue to grow is one that would provide further fuel for my fire.

    Nathan Brooks, MD; University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • “This Fellowship will allow me to establish connections and collaborations with other professionals in the field of bladder cancer research which will be essential for the advancement of my research.  The Bladder Cancer Think Tank meeting will provide me with the important opportunity to meet with patient advocates who can provide insight into the concerns and needs of the patients to whom we are ultimately responsible.” Meet Dr. Christin.

    John Christin, MS, PhD; Columbia University Medical Center
  • “As a young physician scientist, I also look forward to finding new mentors at the meeting for advice and career development. Ultimately, I hope to bring my benchwork back to my patient’s bedside—right where I started as a young PGY-2—to develop better treatments and deliver better care to individuals.” Meet Dr. Chu.

    Carissa Chu, MD; The Regents of the University of California, San Francisco
  • “The opportunity to attend such a meeting early in my career would serve as a launching pad to help facilitate future professional growth. I will not take this honor lightly and will remain committed to working toward advancing the field of bladder cancer long term.” Meet Dr. Khaki.

    Ali Khaki, MD; University of Washington Seattle Cancer Care Alliance
  • “I would be fortunate to have the honor of receiving the eponymous John Quale Travel Fellowship and understand how much the Quale family has contributed and is instrumental in helping BCAN and physicians like myself work to improve bladder cancer diagnosis, outcomes, and survivorship.” Meet Dr. Matulewicz.

    Richard Matulewicz, MS, MD; New York University School of Medicine
  • “Through participation in this meeting and the opportunity to share my work, I hope to engage in collaborative discussion and build lasting connections with colleagues across the research and clinical care spectrum to advance innovative solutions in bladder cancer research and treatment.”

    Jeffrey Wong, MD, PhD; Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center