Make a Will – a FreeWill

Having a Will done is one of those things that many know they have to do but put off.  It is a lot to think about and estate planning can seem complex, scary, and expensive.  At the same time, having a Will is important and can be a great way to support the people and causes you love. As an affinity benefit for members of the BCAN community, we have partnered with FreeWill, an organization that provides an easy online solution for you to create your own Will – FOR FREE.

 Creating your own Will can take less than 20 minutes.  Simply:

  1. Click here to begin the process.
  2. Follow the step-by-step instructions to fill out the necessary information for your FreeWill forms. You’ll answer a few simple questions about yourself and your wishes.
  3. Print out the documents.  The information you provided is turned into precise legal language and presented back to you as a printable document. This PDF document will include an instructions page, based on your state, which will guide you through signing and having witnesses sign the document to make your Will official.
  4. Sign the documents and keep them a safe location. As soon as you print out your Will and sign it in front of two witnesses, it is a valid legal document.

Online estate planning isn’t suitable for everyone so if you have more complex needs, FreeWill provides a searchable database of estate attorneys provided by the American Bar Association.  FreeWill also gives your responses in an easy-to-read summary, which you can print and bring to your attorney to save time.

If you have questions about adding BCAN to your own will, please contact our Development staff by email or by phone at 301-215-9099.