Nutrition and Bladder Cancer

Nutrition and Bladder Cancer

Many patients and their families want to know what they can do to help prevent bladder cancer or prepare their bodies for treatment. Good nutrition is important for everyone, but balanced, healthy diets are strongly recommended for those undergoing bladder cancer treatments.  Everyone can benefit from knowing more about how good nutrition impacts bladder cancer prevention, treatment and survivorship.  

BCAN’s 2018 Young Investigator Awardee, Dr. Eugene Lee from the University of Kansas, produced a series of videos that provide important information and nutrition tips. These include how to prepare tasty, healthy recipes, what you can do to manage treatment side effects with your diet, and how to incorporate a healthy diet into your lifestyle. You can find great tips and recipes in our “Nutrition during Bladder Cancer” and “Living Well with Bladder Cancer” section.

Many patients also experience some less than pleasant side effects during treatment, such as a metal taste in their mouth, or diarrhea. Experts suggest foods that have a lemon or lime juice as part of the seasoning to help take away the metallic taste, and making sure that there is enough fiber to help ease diarrhea. Find out more about other common issues and tips on how to deal with them in our “Overcoming Issues Section”.

Talk to your doctor before starting any new diet. 


    Being active before, during, and after treatment is an important part of staying healthy during your cancer journey.


    Try something that is tasty and nutritious tonight.


    There can be many side effects to bladder cancer treatment, but we have some tips on how to manage them.

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