2022 Beacon of Hope Award

The BCAN community has spoken (and voted) and we are proud to announce the winner of the 2022 Beacon of Hope Award, Karen Godfrey. Recognizing some of the true beacons of hope in the bladder cancer community is a wonderful way to continue to celebrate Bladder Cancer Awareness Month.

About Karen Godfrey

Karen has been involved with BCAN since almost the very beginning.  She is very active on the BCAN Inspire community and even organizes a bladder cancer support group in her home state of Florida.  Karen is a bladder cancer survivor and gives so much to the community. 

Karen in the early BCAN years

Here’s what one of the people who nominated Karen had to say about her:  “Karen has spent numerous hours on the phone with me before and after my surgery. I texted her when I was in the ER at 7:00 am and she responded with a phone call. It was so reassuring to hear her calm and comforting voice as well as the course of action she suggested. She followed up with me a couple days later to be sure my issue was resolved. So glad I was connected with this knowledgeable and helpful lady. She is the best!”

The BCAN community agreed that Karen is “the best.” Thank you to the hundreds of people who voted.

The Other Beacon of Hope Finalists

We are also proud of our two other Beacon of Hope finalists, Dr. James McKiernan and Bill Russell.

Dr. James McKiernan is a urologic oncologist who was nominated by three different people. One person nominating him said “Dr McKiernan has been the most compassionate, understanding, articulate medical professional I have ever encountered.” Another added, “It is first and foremost Dr. McKiernan’s compassion that made him a beacon of hope for my husband and me. Although my husband has recently passed, the last few years would have been infinitely more difficult without Dr. McKiernan.  He really is a beacon of hope for those with bladder cancer and for the practice of medicine as a whole.”

Bill Russell is a bladder cancer survivor and patient/advocate in the Pittsburgh area and has been involved with BCAN for more than 11 years. Bill was nominated by three different people. One person said “Bill was a tremendous help to me and my husband as we navigated the post op experience. Most importantly, he was always positive and patient with all our questions. We will always be grateful for Bill’s expertise during a very confusing time. Another person said “Bill was a great help to my brother, Rudy, giving him advice on how to deal with his ostomy and giving him encouragement when he needed it. He stayed in touch with Rudy just to talk and see if he needed anything until Rudy’s passing.”