Who is Your Beacon of Hope?

Nominate that special someone for a 2024 Beacon of Hope Award

In the heart of our BCAN community lies the spirit of unity, support, and unbounded hope. Each year, we extend an invitation to you — our valued family — to shine a light on those extraordinary individuals who have illuminated your path through the bladder cancer journey. This is your chance to honor that special someone who has been your steadfast beacon of hope and light during your most challenging times.

Who Is Your Beacon? Your beacon could be anyone who has been a pillar of support and strength. It could be your spouse, offering unwavering love; a caregiver, providing tireless assistance; a relative or friend, giving endless encouragement; or a healthcare professional, guiding you with expertise and compassion.

How to Nominate: Submitting a nomination is simple. Share your story and the reasons your nominee deserves recognition below. Tell us how they’ve been a source of hope, support, and inspiration to you. Your nomination not only honors them but also inspires others to recognize the beacons in their lives.

Three finalists will be selected and our community will be encouraged to vote early and often for their favorite nominee. The person receiving the most votes will be given the 2024 Beacon of Hope Award and will be revealed during BCAN’s Ask the Experts event on May 22nd at 7:00 pm ET.

Nominations will close at 12:00 PM ET on Friday, April 19th, 2024.