Ask the Experts 2022

On May 25, 2022, BCAN hosted an interactive session with two of the leading bladder cancer doctors in the United States, Dr. Sumeet Bhanvadia and Dr. Gopa Iyer. Both doctors took questions from viewers and addressed topics of interest for bladder cancer patients and caregivers like the BCG shortage and what patients and doctors can do.

Please click below to watch the 2022 Ask the Experts event.

Meet the experts

Sumeet Bhanvadia, MD is fellowship trained in urologic oncology, with expertise in robotic and open surgeries for early and advanced urologic malignancies. She has extensive experience in the management of bladder cancer including neobladders and other continent types of urinary diversions. Dr. Bhanvadia was a recipient of BCAN’s Young Investigator Award in 2019.

Gopa Iyer, MD is a medical oncologist who specializes in research in and treatment of patients with bladder cancer and other genitourinary cancers. Dr. Iyer also has a special interest in understanding the genetic basis for bladder cancer and is a member of Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Bladder Cancer Oncogenome Project. Dr. Iyer received a Young Investigator Award from BCAN in 2013.

Watch the 2021 Ask the Experts event