Battling Aggressive Bladder Cancer in the Era of COVID – Margo’s Story

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In this special episode of Bladder Cancer Matters, patient Margo W. describes her unusual journey with bladder cancer.  She was diagnosed with an aggressive form of the disease at the time when COVID began to severely impact patients throughout the U.S.  Her type of bladder cancer was discovered only after seeking a second opinion, and the second set of doctors learned that her cancer was fast growing and dangerous.

Margo was interviewed by BCAN associate Joslyn Brown in this special episode.

In a personal and moving story, Margo recants her battle with bladder cancer and because of COVID, how she had to face much of the treatments and surgery alone.

If you’d like to learn more about bladder cancer and second opinion, please listen to The Importance of a Second Opinion for Bladder Cancer Patients with Dr. Samuel Washington.

Bladder cancer patient Margo W.

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