BCAN Resources to Help Your Patients

Most patients have never heard of bladder cancer until they receive their diagnosis, despite being the 6th most common cancer in the United States. BCAN knows that patients and their families have questions. Since 2005, the Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network (BCAN) has been the premier organization dedicated to bladder cancer. We provide patients, caregivers and the medical community with patient resources and support services to navigate the bladder cancer journey. We work with our scientific advisory board to develop a full library of resources, both in print and online. Our information is accessible whenever needed. All is available, free of charge directly to your patients.

Bladder Cancer Basics

BCAN’s signature patient handbook offers a variety of information about the disease in lay language. The latest edition includes the types of tests used to diagnose bladder cancer, what it means to “stage” and “grade” the disease. An overview of all of the approved treatments, as well as resources for the proactive patient link readers to more content on our website. The Tips for Caregivers guide offers information about the unique challenges faced by bladder cancer caregivers. Request copies for your office or refer patients directly.

Get The Facts | Bladder Cancer

BCAN is pleased to provide these plain language printable pages for patients. They are designed to help readers learn what to expect before, during and after common bladder cancer procedures. “Get the Facts” were developed with guidance by BCAN’s Survivorship Working Group.

Expert Videos | Patient Insight Webinars & Treatment Talks

BCAN’s Webinars and Treatment Talks bring nationally recognized bladder cancer experts directly to patients and families. They address important topics related to bladder cancer diagnosis, treatment, research, and quality of life. All are transcribed and archived on our website for patients to access 24/7. This includes animated glossary explanations for sometimes confusing bladder cancer terms and treatments.

Bladder Cancer Matters | Podcast

A podcast by, for, and about the bladder cancer community.   In each “Bladder Cancer Matters” episode, host Rick Bangs chats with interesting guests and gets their perspectives on bladder cancer research, treatment, caregiving, and survivorship.

Clinical Trials Dashboard

Clinical trials provide treatment alternatives to patients who have not had success with standard and approved therapies. Patients can search for a clinical trial by bladder cancer disease state, and state of residence.

Survivor to Survivor | Patient Support

This program matches bladder cancer patients with BCAN-trained volunteers who offer a sympathetic ear and share their own experiences. They have a conversation to share insight about their own bladder cancer diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship. Connect your patient now.

Bladder Cancer Treatment Matrix

Allows patients to better understand the risks and benefits of treatment options for their diagnosis.

Are you a clinical researcher? Looking for research grants?

BCAN is committed to supporting bladder cancer research. From its inception, BCAN has cultivated a strong partnership with the leading members of the bladder cancer medical community. We encourage collaboration among all the parties dedicated to the study of bladder cancer and its prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Learn more about BCAN Grants and Research Funding Opportunities.