What You Need to Know About Sexuality and Bladder Cancer Treatments


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This episode contains explicit language and candid conversations about bladder cancer and sexuality. We believe it’s essential to have open, honest conversations about these matters, to provide support and guidance to those who may be facing similar experiences. Bladder cancer can bring about significant changes and challenges in the realm of intimacy and sexuality, and we want to address these topics head on.

Our guest, Dr. Daniela Wittmann shares her advice and insights in an unfiltered and uncensored manner. We understand that the explicit language used in this podcast may not be suitable for all audiences, and listener discretion is advised.

In Episode 51 of Bladder Cancer Matters, host Rick Bangs talks with Dr. Wittman about a topic that is on the minds of many bladder cancer patients, particularly those who have their bladders removed: sexuality after their treatment,

They cover:

Dr. Daniela Wittman
  • How doctors often remove not only the bladder but surrounding organs to that are important to sexual function (a radical cystectomy)
  • How intravesical treatments like BCG can impact sexual function
  • How sometimes these important changes are not addressed prior to surgery
  • Treatments available for both men and women to regain some sexual function
  • That women should understand that their sexual functioning may really change, like low desire, vaginal dryness and other issues
  • When to have the critical conversations about sexuality with your medical team

More information:

To learn more about sexuality, bladder cancer and women, we invite you to watch a webinar featuring Dr. Wittman, “Women in Bladder Cancer: Sexuality and Intimacy.”

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