BCAN’s Patient Handbook: Bladder Cancer Basics

BCAN’s updated Bladder Cancer Basics handbook* for patients is available, free of charge. This handbook helps you learn about your diagnosis and treatment options to enable you, with the help of your medical team, to make informed choices about your continued medical care.

The handbook offers a variety of information about the disease including the types of tests used to diagnose bladder cancer, what it means to “stage” and “grade” the disease, an overview of the types of treatments prescribed, including recently approved immunotherapies, as well as resources for the proactive patient.

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*BCAN thanks our sponsors for making this new edition of Bladder Cancer Basics possible: FerGene, Urogen, EMD Serono/Pfizer, Photocure, Seattle Genetics/Astellas, Genentech, and Merck.