Bladder Cancer Briefs August 9, 2023

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Helping Newly Diagnosed Bladder Cancer Patients

While bladder cancer stands as one of the most frequently diagnosed cancers, it can often leave one feeling alone. Our Survivor to Survivor (S2S) program connects newly diagnosed bladder cancer patients with survivors.

S2S unites them with compassionate survivors and co-survivors who have undergone a similar journey, imparting not only shared experiences but also a heartfelt connection during the trying times.

In this program, individuals grappling with bladder cancer find others who truly understand. These volunteers lend a compassionate ear and openly share their own narratives, offering not only solace but also valuable wisdom gained from their journeys through bladder cancer diagnosis, treatment, and the path to survivorship.

Resources for Patients and Families

If you are a bladder cancer survivor and would like to volunteer for the S2S program, please send an email to