Bladder Cancer Briefs February 8, 2023

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Black Families and Bladder Cancer

As we celebrate Black History Month, BCAN is shining a light on the impact of bladder cancer in the Black community. In 2023 in the United States, there will be over 82,000 new diagnoses, and roughly 17,000 people will not survive the disease. What we don’t precisely know is how differences in race in affect access to treatment and bladder cancer survival rates.

Last year, BCAN hosted urologist and researcher Dr. Samuel Washington (2019 BCAN John Quale Travel Fellow) and oncology social worker and researcher Dr. Heather Honoré Goltz in an informative webinar in which they discussed the biological and psychosocial impact of bladder cancer on the Black community.

In this webinar, they also detail how bladder cancer impacts patients in the Black community and how social and environmental factors disproportionately harm them.

We invite you to watch this informative Black Family Bladder Cancer Awareness webinar.

Resources for Patients and Families

Early detection of bladder cancer improves patient outcomes and part of this is knowing the signs and symptoms of bladder cancer.