Bladder Cancer Briefs March 15, 2023

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The Importance of a Second Opinion

Receiving the news of a cancer diagnosis is a moment that remains etched in the memory of bladder cancer patients forever. Beyond the overwhelming emotions and fears that flood one’s mind, a multitude of questions naturally arise. Among these inquiries is the crucial decision of whether or not to seek a second opinion.

BCAN had the privilege of speaking with Dr. Samuel L. Washington, MD, MAS, Assistant Professor of Urology and the Goldberg-Benioff Endowed Professorship in Cancer Biology at the University of San Francisco for a Bladder Cancer Matters podcast about why patients should receive a second opinion.

Dr. Washington explained that there are three reasons why patients should receive a second opinion. One is to ensure a standard of care and that patients receive guideline-based or guideline-concordant care for their bladder cancer. The second reason is that patients can sometimes get access to clinical trials that may not be available where they are currently receiving care. The third and most important reason is avoiding second guessing. Some patients with life-altering and life-changing treatments like a radical cystectomy can grow to regret the option they chose. A second opinion can give patients the information needed to make an informed decision after considering all available treatment options.

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Resources for Patients and Families

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