Bladder Cancer Travel Tips

Traveling is good for the soul. By traveling, we make friends and have new experiences. Some of us travel to connect with family and friends, to visit places from our past, and to relive memories. And some of us travel for work! Traveling can be stressful. Trains, planes, or automobiles can mean cramped seating, traffic delays, standing in lines, heavy luggage, and a general invasion of personal privacy. Traveling forces us to temporarily disconnect from our normal routine, making us very much aware of the people and comforts in our home environments.

Travel for individuals with urinary diversions and their loved ones can present additional challenges beyond deciding which shirt to pack. The Activities of Daily Living subcommittee of the BCAN Survivorship Working Group created this list of bladder cancer travel tips to take the turbulence out of traveling with a diversion. We hope this list increases your chances of smooth sailing on your next adventure. Bon voyage!

Special thanks to Committee members: Gail Butler; Mary Dunn, NP; Heather Goltz; Debbie Hensley; Nancy Lindsey; Robert Lipman; Nihal Mohammed.

Click below to download the full travel tips for the Neobladder and Indiana Pouch Diversions!

Click below to download the full travel tips for the Ileal Conduit Diversion!

An image of the travel tips for ileal conduit