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An Observational Study of Efficacy and Utility of Cxbladder Tests in the Identification of Low vs High Risk Patients and the Detection of Urothelial Carcinoma in Patients Presenting With Hematuria


  • Org Study ID: CXB/2019/VA
  • Secondary ID: N/A
  • NTC ID: NCT04943380
  • Sponsor: Pacific Edge Limited


Prospective observational study to validate the performance characteristics and clinical utility of Cxbladder tests in a Veterans Affairs cohort.


Non-invasive, voided urine sample used for both Cxbladder molecular tests, voided urine sample may be used for standard of care testing. Retrospective analysis of data after study completion ensures a de-phasing of study sample analysis from clinical decision making; patient treatment and management.

Multi-site recruitment of patients in Veterans Affairs.Target number of participants up to four sites is around 450 sequentially recruited patients presenting for assessment of hematuria (microscopic or macroscopic) by cystoscopy.

  • Overall Status
  • Start Date
    November 8, 2019
  • Phase
    Not Applicable
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Primary Outcome 1 - Measure: Proportion of participants with bladder cancer who are correctly identified as having cancer (true positives) and no cancer (true negatives) by the Cxbladder test.

Primary Outcome 1 - Timeframe: The outcome measure will be assessed by 6 months after trial completion.

Primary Outcome 2 - Measure: Probability that patients identified as having cancer and no cancer by the Cxbladder test truly have cancer (positive predictive value; PPV), and truly have no cancer (negative predictive value; NPV) respectively.

Primary Outcome 2 - Timeframe: Time Frame: The outcome measure will be assessed by 6 months after trial completion.


  • Hematuria
  • Urothelial Carcinoma


Inclusion Criteria:
Patient is undergoing investigation of recent confirmed hematuria (by either flexible or rigid cystoscopy/TURBT), including hematuria patients referred due to suspicious/positive imaging, in order to determine the presence of urothelial carcinoma.

- Able to provide a voided urine sample of the required minimum volume

- Able to give written consent

- Able and willing to comply with study requirements

- Aged 18 years or older
Exclusion Criteria:
Prior history of bladder malignancy, prostate or renal cell carcinoma

- Prior genitourinary manipulation (flexible or rigid cystoscopy / catheterisation, urethral dilation) in the 14 days before urine collection

- History of glomerulonephritis, nephrosis or other renal inflammatory disorders, recent history of pyelonephritis

- Previous alkylating based chemotherapy

- Pregnancy.

Gender: All

Minimum Age: 18 Years

Maximum Age: N/A

Healthy Volunteers: No


Name: Tony Lough, PhD

Role: Study Chair

Affiliation: Pacific Edge Pty Ltd

Overall Contact

Name: Tony Lough, PhD

Phone: (612) 467-5601

Email: mcrisk@umn.edu


Facility Status Contact
Facility: Veterans Medical Research Foundation
San Diego, California 92161
United States
Status: Recruiting Contact: Contact
Anne Jones
858-642-3407 46260
Facility: Minneapolis VA Health Care System
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55417
United States
Status: Recruiting Contact: Principal Investigator
Kyoko Sakamoto
Facility: NWIHCS-Omaha VA Medical Center
Omaha, Nebraska 68105
United States
Status: Recruiting Contact: Contact
Yeng Mua
Facility: Oklahoma City VA Hospital
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73104
United States
Status: Recruiting Contact: Principal Investigator
Michael Risk
Facility: Medical University of South Carolina
Charleston, South Carolina 29401
United States
Status: Recruiting Contact: Contact
Holly DeSpiegelaere