Is Bladder Preservation Right For You? with Dr. Jason Efstathiou

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In Episode 48 of Bladder Cancer Matters, host Rick Bangs talks with Dr. Jason Efstathiou about a topic that’s frequently on the minds of patients with muscle invasive bladder cancer: Can they keep their bladders?  They discuss:

Dr. Jason Efstathiou
  • What bladder preservation is
  • The different types of approaches to bladder preservation
  • How many surgeons in the U.S. have taken a conservative approach to it compared to other countries like the U.K.
  • How it involves many different medical professionals 
  • A recent study showing the effectiveness of bladder cancer preservation vs radical cystectomy 
  • What is currently happening with bladder preservation trials in the US 
  • What patients should know

Learn more about bladder preservation

Visit our page about bladder preservation to learn more about the topic and also watch the short video below.

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