Our Legislative Priorities

The Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network helps serve as a voice for those impacted by bladder cancer.  Since 2005, we have been strong advocates for our community.

Our legislative priorities include:

Increase federal research funding for bladder cancer

BCAN supports efforts to increase the budget of the NIH and the National Cancer Institute as well as efforts to prioritize bladder cancer which is #6 is diagnosis but in the mid-20s in Federal funding.

BCAN is working to establish a permanent $10M annual funding designation within the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program, building on the over $20M in new bladder cancer research funding received from the program from FY 2015-18.

Ensure that pre-existing conditions continue to be covered by insurance without new increases in cost or limits

BCAN will fight to ensure that pre-existing conditions continue to be covered, regardless of the direction Congress moves with any new or improved Federal healthcare legislation.   We support the Affordable Care Act and its coverages and will fight to ensure any additional legislation, including a Medicare for all option, as well as an ACA expansion, preserves this fundamental coverage.

Eliminate surprise billing including unreasonable out of network charges

BCAN will fight to eliminate surprise medical billing and provide greater transparency for patients.   We are encouraged by the House of Representatives committee passage in committee of a compromise bill and encourage Congress to address this issue before the May 22nd deadline.   We take no stance on subset issues such as geographic median costs or neutral arbitrator decisions and encourage Congress to act this year, ahead of the deadline.

Access to Care

BCAN fights to ensure that all Americans, regardless of income, geographic location, age, pre-existing condition, or any other criteria, can access affordable, high quality healthcare.  We support an increase delivery of healthcare systems in rural areas as well as a patient’s right to choose their own doctor.

Increase the Supply and Availability of BCG

BCAN supports continued cooperation between the Federal government (FDA) and our nation’s sole producer of BCG to immediately increase the supply of BCG for bladder cancer patients.

Prescription Drug Costs

BCAN supports continued negotiation and limits to the costs of life saving medications.  We take no stand on the mechanism to reduce costs but insist that cost controls part of any major healthcare legislation considered by Congress.

E-Cigs and Vaping

BCAN supports federal efforts to curtail the availability and variety of E-Cig and Vaping, especially when it comes to targeted advertising and flavoring for minors.

Drug Parity

BCAN supports Congressional efforts to bring about drug parity so that costs can be normalized and controlled regardless of the means by which a drug is administered.

Save the Social Safety Net

BCAN opposes the President’s proposed cuts to Medicare, Social Security, and other social safety nets.

Reduce Insurance Barriers to Treatment

BCAN supports efforts to reduce the myriad of insurance barriers that get in the way of patient care including drug parity, reduced out of pocket expenses, surprise billing, and enhanced coverage.

Increase Awareness of Bladder Cancer

BCAN continues to work to increase bladder cancer awareness in both the public and the federal government to ensure that bladder cancer patients can receive the priority they deserve in treatment, research, and care.


BCAN supports efforts currently underway to address the nationwide abuse of opioids including holding those responsible for the crisis accountable.

Better Medical Records and Communication

BCAN supports efforts currently underway to protect patient’s medical information as well as those that modernize the nation’s healthcare delivery system.