Part II of How to Choose a Urinary Diversion with Dr. Robert Svatek

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In Episode 32, Part 2 of Bladder Cancer Matters, host Rick Bangs talks with Dr. Robert Svatek. Dr. Svatek is one of the top five highest-volume bladder cancer surgeons in the United States, performing over 60 bladder removal procedures (cystectomies) yearly. Choosing a urinary diversion is among the most difficult decisions patients must make and Dr. Svatek provides valuable information about how to make an informed decision.

Rick and Dr. Svatek talk about:

  • Common questions from patients who have to choose a urinary diversion
  • A study showing how Hispanic patients don’t always get the same diversions compared to their white counterparts
  • The differences between open vs. robotic radical cystectomies
  • Follow up medical care after receiving a urinary diversion
  • What’s new and exciting in patient care post radical cystectomy
Dr. Robert Svatek

You can also listen to Part 1 of this podcast with Rick and Dr. Svatek.

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