Part 2: My Experiences as a Bladder Cancer Caregiver with Beáta Baker

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Episode 16, Part 2 of the Bladder Cancer Matters podcast is about the unsung heroes of a bladder cancer patient’s journey: his or her caregivers. Rick’s special guest in this episode is Beáta Baker, who cared for her husband, Steven, as he battled his unexpected diagnosis and subsequent bladder removal surgery (radical cystectomy).

In an engaging and personal conversation, Beáta describes her journey and growth as a caregiver. Rick and she discuss:

  • What was the recovery period like for your husband after receiving a neobladder?
  • What roles did you play as caregiver?
  • What roles have you played over the last ten years?
  • What advice might you give to another bladder cancer patient caregiver?
Beáta Jachulski Baker