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Part 2: Why Bladder Cancer Patients May Need an Oncology Social Worker with Dr. Heather Goltz

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Dr. Heather Honore Goltz of the University of Houston Downtown

Dr. Heather Honore Goltz of the University of Houston Downtown.

In Episode 2 of the “Bladder Cancer Matters” podcast, host Rick Bangs interviews Dr. Heather Honoré Goltz in Part 2 of a two-part episode.  Rick and Dr. Goltz discuss what oncology social work is and how it might be helpful to bladder cancer patients.  Topics covered in the podcast include:

  • How to find an oncology social worker to work with
  • Benefits for bladder cancer patients of working with an oncology social worker
  • When in your cancer journey it’s best to start working with someone

This episode is sponsored by FerGene,  a new gene therapy company dedicated to creating and delivering innovative solutions for bladder cancer.

The Twitter account of the University of Houston Downtown is @UHDowntown.


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