What is Metastatic Bladder Cancer? with Dr. Arlene Siefker-Radtke

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In this episode of the Bladder Cancer Matters podcast, host Rick Bangs interviews Dr. Arlene Siefker-Radtke, a medical oncologist and professor at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.

They discuss metastatic bladder cancer and the importance of defining choosing the right targets and combinations for treatment. 

Dr. Siefker-Radtke explains that metastatic cancer is the highest stage of cancer and typically refers to cancer that has spread to other areas of the body. She discusses the differences between metastatic and advanced cancer and the varying risks and treatment options for different metastatic diagnoses.

Dr. Siefker-Radtke also highlights the exciting advancements in treatment options for metastatic bladder cancer, including the combination of enfortumab vedotin and pembrolizumab, which has shown significant improvement in overall survival.

She also emphasizes the importance of seeking second opinions and considering clinical trials for metastatic bladder cancer treatment. 

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