Podcast: Back to Life: Frank’s Radical Cystectomy Recovery


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Tune in to the Bladder Cancer Matters podcast for an inspiring and heartfelt conversation with Frank Sadowski, a survivor of muscle-invasive bladder cancer and neobladder recipient.  Frank shares his gripping journey from diagnosis to recovery revealing the raw challenges he faced, including enormous fatigue and digestive issues after his radical cystectomy.

Discover the emotional and cathartic moments that shaped his path and hear about the unexpected blessings cancer brought into his life. Frank’s story is a beacon of hope for fellow patients, underscoring the crucial role of support from caregivers and healthcare providers. Don’t miss this powerful episode where resilience meets reality, and courage takes center stage.

Frank wrote a book about his experiences with bladder cancer and a radical cystectomy in his book, Back to Life, available on Amazon.

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