Positive data from Phase 3 US Blue Light Cystoscopy with Cysview® study presented at AUA 2017 Meeting

On Sunday, May 14th, at the American Urological Association (AUA) 2017 Meeting in Boston, MA, Photocure ASA announced the latest data from their Phase 3 study with Blue Light Flexible Cystoscopy (BLFC™) with Hexvix®/Cysview®. This study showed that in 21.5% of the patients undergoing surveillance cystoscopy, a bladder cancer recurrence would have been missed using only white light as opposed to BLFC with Cysview. This is truly an important development in being able to detect a cancer with a 50-80% recurrence rate.

“This study shows that BLFC can provide a significant advantage for patients in terms of early detection of tumor recurrence which may improve treatment and therefore lead to better outcomes. 92.7% of the patients said it was worthwhile to undergo BLFC and 93.8% said that they would do it again. The results of the study show that BLFC will play a significant role in outpatient management of bladder cancer.” 

– J. Stephen Jones, MD, president of Cleveland Clinic Regional Hospitals and Family Health Centers

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