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Recipes for Bladder Cancer Patients and Survivors

man and boy smilingMany patients and their families want to know what they can do to help prevent bladder cancer or prepare their bodies for treatment. Good nutrition is important for everyone, but balanced, healthy diets are strongly recommended for those undergoing bladder cancer treatments.  Everyone can benefit from knowing more about how good nutrition impacts cancer prevention, treatment and survivorship. These recipes can help bladder cancer patients enjoy food during their treatment.

At BCAN we havepartnered with the University of Kansas and produced a series of videos that show how to prepare tasty, healthy recipes.

Talk to your doctor before starting any new diet. Bon Appetit!

Egg Muffins

Salmon Patty Cooking Demonstration

Overnight Oats

Chicken Broth

Melon Berry Salad

Teasy Uncheesy Casserole Demonstration

Protein Snack Balls

Chicken Marinade