Bernadette Fitzsimmons

Volunteer and Chapter Manager

Bernadette K. Fitzsimmons is a native Washingtonian with over 25 years’ experience working and volunteering in associations, and advisory boards in medical research, health promotion/advocacy and program management.  Since joining BCAN in 2018, Bernadette has overseen an increase in the number of research grant award applicants and is passionate in supporting novel scientific research projects to help further the development of new treatments. She facilitates approaches for the bladder cancer community to utilize the benefits of the Survivor2Survivor program, empowering them to access BCAN’s abundant resources to help advocate for themselves. She enjoys reading, writing, swimming, music, and cooking/baking for her family and friends. Fluent in the Slovenian language, Bernadette translates articles, letters, and books, and serves as President of the local SUA chapter she founded 17 years ago.