The Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network Sends Well Wishes to New York State Senator James Seward

(November 7, 2019, Bethesda, Maryland) The Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network was saddened to learn of State Senator James Seward’s (NY-51) recurrence of bladder cancer, announced yesterday.  Senator Seward was first diagnosed in 2016.

“We send our best wishes to Senator Seward and his family for a speedy and complete recovery,” said Andrea Maddox-Smith, CEO of the Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network.  “We appreciate the public acknowledgement of his diagnosis because increased awareness of bladder cancer helps to save lives.”

Bladder cancer is the sixth-most frequently diagnosed cancer in the United States and in 2019, more than 80,000 Americans will receive a bladder cancer diagnosis.   Recurrence rates of bladder cancer exceed 70% and also make the disease the single most expensive cancer to treat over a patient’s lifetime.

While a potentially deadly disease, bladder cancer is highly treatable in its early stages.  The most frequently reported sign or symptom of bladder cancer is painless gross hematuria, or blood in the urine.   “Blood in the urine is never normal,” said Maddox-Smith.  “We urge all those who experience this symptom to consult with a urologist as soon as possible.”


The Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network’s (BCAN’s) mission is to increase public awareness about bladder cancer, advance bladder cancer research and provide educational and support services for the bladder cancer community.

Contact:  Mark Story
Director of Communications and Marketing