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The Future of Bladder Cancer Research with Rick Bangs and Diane Zipursky Quale


BCAN co-founder Diane Zipursky Quale
BCAN co-founder Diane Zipursky Quale

Episode 7

In this episode, host Rick Bangs and special guest and BCAN co-founder Diane Zipursky Quale discuss the fact that, despite significant advancements in the past 10 years in the understanding of the biology of bladder cancer and the development and approval of many new therapies, bladder cancer in 2021 remains a deadly disease with low public awareness, inequitable and inadequate funding, and a limited number of effective treatment options. Rick and Diane also discuss the issue that bladder cancer research advances should be focused on improving the quality of life for patients from the time of initial diagnosis through the end of life, with an emphasis on improving the ability to stratify patients into the appropriate risk categories for recurrence and invasion and developing effective treatments to eliminate the need for bladder removal. This podcast was sponsored by Merck and FerGene.  

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