The New Normal

Living with a Urinary Diversion

“The New Normal: Living with a Urinary Diversion” video series profiles eight bladder cancer survivors giving voice to their choice, to let others know about living well with a urinary diversion.

The videos are not intended to provide medical advice but rather, illustrate the day-to-day impact that surgery has on a survivor’s life. We hope the series will provide valuable information for those facing bladder removal. Thank you to the survivors who participated in this project for bravely sharing their stories.

Male, Ileal Conduit

This 70 year old bladder cancer survivor hopes to have another 30 years with his ileal conduit. He shares “I plan to get to 100 years old. I am going to make it. No question about it.”

Female, Ileal Conduit 1

She wears pencil skirts, skinny jeans and maintains a positive attitude while dispelling myths about living with an ileal conduit. This 69 year old bladder cancer survivor wants to tell others, “It’s not going to be nearly as difficult as they think it will be.”

Female, Ileal Conduit 2

An 87 year old survivor says she doesn’t “have any problems” with her ileal conduit. Hear how she “was able to go back to my normal activities and social life.”

Male, Neobladder 1

Sharing his thoughts and singing a song about life with his neobladder, this 47 year old bladder cancer survivor wants others to know “I was able to go back to normal.”

Female, Neobladder

Learn why an active 45 year old mother of 4 young children, chose a neobladder to treat her bladder cancer.

Male, Neobladder 2

This 64 year old bladder cancer survivor’s wife wants others to know “right now we are just trying to enjoy life and do some stuff together” after his neobladder.

Female, Indiana Pouch

Learn how “Stella the Stoma” and an Indiana Pouch helped this 56 year old survivor get her groove back after bladder cancer.

Male, Indiana Pouch

At age 63, this bladder cancer survivor brings his experience and his Indiana Pouch to the karate dojo. “One thing I have learned is you can always fight back. You’re never totally helpless.”