Young Adults and Bladder Cancer

Young Adult and Bladder Cancer Patient Advocates: Brittney T. and Ben S.

Panelists: Dr. Sima Porten and Dr. Sam Washington, University of California San Francisco

Statistically, bladder cancer strikes most individuals later in life. In fact the average patient is male and in his 70s. Yet BCAN knows younger men and women are occasionally diagnosed with bladder cancer. What happens when you are not old enough to be a bladder cancer patient? Two leading experts , Drs. Sima Porten and Samuel Washington from the University of California San Francisco, discuss what is know about the disease when it is diagnosed in younger adults, and two patients share their experience with bladder cancer before their 40th birthdays.

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Year: 2021

Part 1: The Patient Experience as a Young Adult with Bladder Cancer

Video (9 min) | Transcript

Part 2: The Medical Side of Treating Young Adults with Bladder Cancer: Treatment, Surveillance, Fertility, Financial

Video (40 min) | Transcript

Part 3: Question and Answer

Video (12 min) | Transcript