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With Dr. Jonathan Wright, Dr. Petros Grivas, and Patient Advocates: Gail Dykstra and Joseph King Year: 2021 Part 1: Maintenance Therapy for Non-Muscle Invasive Bladder… Read more

With Dr. Guru Sonpavde, and Patient Advocates: Donna Calderbank and Sam Paolini Year: 2021 Part I: Systemic Chemotherapy for Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer … Read more

In the inaugural “Bladder Cancer Matters” podcast, host Rick Bangs interviews Dr. Ashish Kamat about the state of BCG in bladder cancer treatment. Dr. Kamat is a Professor (Tenure) of Urology and Director of Urologic Oncology Fellowship at MD Anderson Cancer Center, and a graduate of the AUA Leadership Program. Dr. Kamat also serves on BCAN’s Scientific Advisory Board. Read more