Bladder Cancer Translational Clinical Trial Award

Coming Soon! BCAN’s Translational Clinical Trial Award: “Early Phase Patient-Oriented Research to Reduce the Burden of Bladder Cancer Care and Treatment”

The 2022 Translational Clinical Trial Award (TCTA) aims to support early-phase patient-oriented research to transform bladder cancer care. Specifically, BCAN is soliciting research proposals through this mechanism that address methods to reduce the burden of care and overtreatment for bladder cancer patients throughout the continuum of patient care including bladder cancer screening, diagnosis, and treatment of early and advanced stages.

Who will the TCTA Support?

This award is available to full time, independent investigators affiliated with a non-profit institution within the U.S. or Canada. Study teams must be collaborative, composed of at least two investigators capable of providing unique scientific expertise. At the time of submission, the applicant must have a medical and/or doctoral degree (including Ph.D, M.D., D.O., D.D.S, D.V.M, Pharm.D., Sc.D, D.N.S. or equivalent doctoral degree) in the biomedical sciences or in a field applicable to health science research. In addition, at least one young investigator must be embedded as an integral contributor to the study team.

What is the scope of the award?

Research proposals must address methods to reduce the burden of care and overtreatment for bladder cancer patients throughout the continuum of patient care. Preference will be given to studies that enroll patients and propose a translational Phase I or II clinical trial. If a clinical trial is not proposed, the applicant must justify how the study will lead to a clinical trial as an immediate next step, or allow for translation of results into clinical practice. Studies should be designed to support changes to the standard of care in bladder cancer, increase survival, decrease overtreatment, and improve patient quality of life.

Projects must not exceed 36 months in duration and must have a maximum project budget of $3 million (for clinical trials) or $1 million (all other studies). Funding will be contingent upon and tied to successful completion of milestones. Applications requesting budgets lower than the stated caps that meet the objectives of the announcement will be reviewed favorably.

When will the TCTA be available?

The funding announcement will open for Letter of Intent submissions on September 6, 2022. Invited full applications will be due in January 2023, and awards announced late February 2023.


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