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Advocacy means the act or process of supporting a cause or proposal. Advocacy works to influence the introduction, enactment, or modification of legislation, for causes related to bladder cancer. Advocacy can occur at the Federal, State, or County level. From time to time, BCAN asks you to raise your voice on behalf of bladder cancer patients and their families. This may entail contacting your legislator, sharing your bladder cancer experience and asking him or her to vote a specific way on a bill. We send alerts through our newsletters and social media as new issues emerge that need the support and voice of the bladder cancer community.

The tabs below show some of the issues BCAN cares about in 2019. Are you willing to you help BCAN advocate on behalf of the bladder cancer community? Maybe you want to visit your representatives in D.C. with us? Perhaps you could write a letter, or send an email? Are you willing to call your representatives?

Click here to sign up for Advocacy alerts and announcements of key federal and state issues important to our bladder cancer community. Issues important to you. 

According to the American Cancer Society the death rate from cancer in the United States has declined steadily over the past 25 years. Lower
cancer mortality rates may be due to steady reductions in smoking and advances in early detection and treatment. Yet despite that, bladder cancer remains the  6th most common cancer in the United states, with 80,470 new patients expected to be diagnosed in 2019.

Whether you live in New Hampshire, the state with the highest incidence rate of bladder cancer (47 men per 100,000), or Hawaii, the state with the lowest (23.6 men per 100,000)*, you can learn more and share to raise awareness about bladder cancer in your state. Visit Cancer Facts & Figures from the American Cancer Society.

  • On page 5 – Estimated Number* of New Cases for Selected Cancers by State, US, 2019

    Cancer Facts & Figures 2019

  • On page 7 – Incidence Rates* for Selected Cancers by State, US, 2011-2015

Burn pits are the Agent Orange of post 9/11 veterans. BCAN wrote a letter of support for Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, who was joined by Brian Mast (FL-18) and Senators Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) and Dan Sullivan (R-AK), in introducing bipartisan and bicameral legislation to evaluate the exposure of U.S. service members to open burn pits and toxic airborne chemicals on Thursday, Jan. 17, 2019. Read the press release below: