Being a Bladder Cancer Beacon of Hope with Karen Godfrey

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In Episode 29 of Bladder Cancer Matters, host Rick Bangs begins a three-part podcast with long time patient advocate and 2022 Beacon of Hope Award winner, Karen Godfrey. Karen is the organizer of the Southwest Florida Bladder Cancer Support Group.

Rick and Karen talk about her initial bladder cancer diagnosis in 2003 and how there was little to no information available about having her bladder removed. Karen was faced with some difficult decisions like choosing a urinary diversion, but unfortunately, her diagnosis came a full two years before BCAN was founded.

Many years later, Karen considers herself to be very lucky to have made the choices she did when facing the radical cystectomy.

Karen Godfrey

Karen ended up choosing an Indiana Pouch, a decision that she is happy with 19 years later and she explains what life has been like living with that urinary diversion.

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