Bladder Cancer Briefs August 16, 2023

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Women and Bladder Cancer: Understanding their Risks

Women have worse outcomes in bladder cancer than men at every stage of the disease. The number one sign of bladder cancer is blood in the urine. In men, blood in the urine is highly unusual and indicates that something is wrong.

When women have blood in the urine, many can associate it with menstruation or menopause, leading to delayed reporting to doctors. Even if reported, it can be misinterpreted as post-menopausal bleeding or a urinary issue, resulting in delayed diagnosis and worse outcomes at every stage of the disease. BCAN recognizes this problem and works hard to raise awareness of bladder cancer and provide free educational materials and support services.

As an example, we hosted an educational webinar, “Women and Bladder Cancer: The Unspoken Demographic,” that unravels some of the mysteries surrounding the disease. Click below to watch the webinar.