Bladder Cancer Briefs May 17, 2023

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Jon’s Journey with Bladder Cancer

In 2021 at the age of 42, Jon received his bladder cancer diagnosis. The road ahead seemed difficult and uncertain. However, Jon’s strength of character and his unwavering positivity became beacons of hope amidst his storm. Despite the rough path he had to tread, he refused to let cancer define him or dim his outlook on life.

Throughout his journey, Jon encountered numerous hurdles that could have easily shattered his spirits. But time and time again, he rose above them, his optimism serving as an unwavering companion. He understood that staying positive was not a denial of the hardships he faced, but rather a powerful tool to navigate through them.

Resources for Patients and Families

Dealing with a cancer diagnosis is never easy and sometimes you may need someone to speak with about your journey. BCAN offers a Survivor to Survivor program which offers one-on-one conversations between the newly diagnosed and trained volunteers who are bladder cancer survivors. We also offer an online support group.