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The Multidisciplinary Team Approach to Treating Bladder Cancer

Presented by Drs. Jonathan Wright, Petros Grivas, and Jay Liao from the Unversity of Washington.

Year: 2019

Part I: What is the Multi-Disciplinary Approach?

Video | Text Transcript

Part II: Case Study 1, Non-Muscle Invasive Progression to Muscle Invasive

Video  | Text Transcript

Part III: Case Study 2, Muscle Invasive with Hydronephrosis

Video  | Text Transcript

Part IV: Case Study 3, T2 solitary tumor diagnosis, otherwise healthy

Video  | Text Transcript

Part V: Questions and Answers

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More than 80,000 people will be
diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2019.

We dream of a world without bladder cancer,
the sixth-most frequently diagnosed cancer in the U.S.

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