Podcast: Pioneering Progress in BCG Treatments: An Interview with Dr. Donald Lamm


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Join us for an enlightening episode of Bladder Cancer Matters with Dr. Donald Lamm, a trailblazer in bladder cancer treatment and the driving force behind the groundbreaking Lamm Protocol.

Discover the journey of BCG immunotherapy from its inception in the 1970s to becoming a the gold standard in non-muscle invasive bladder cancer care. Delve into Dr. Lamm’s insights on the nuances of BCG therapy, including dosing, strain differences, and the critical challenges of supply shortages. With a career dedicated to advancing urologic oncology, Dr. Lamm shares his optimistic vision for the future of BCG treatments, promising enhanced outcomes through innovative approaches. Tune in to explore how Dr. Lamm’s work has revolutionized the fight against bladder cancer, offering hope and improved survival for thousands.

You can contact Dr. Lamm at bcgonc@yahoo.com.

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