“It is our hope that the My Bladder Cancer Story campaign will be an avenue for those affected by bladder cancer to share their stories to be a voice for those who, for far too long, have felt alone in this fight against this disease.”

Andrea Maddox-Smith, BCAN CEO
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  • Liliana’s Story: “Just keep moving forward.”

    Listen to our podcast with Liliana: While training for a marathon, Liliana Martin first noticed blood in her urine. Despite initial tests showing minimal blood, doctors dismissed it as a side effect of running or a kidney stone. A year later, the blood reappeared more intensely while training for… Read More
  • Noelle’s Story: “I felt relieved I wasn’t alone.”

    What initially felt like cramps, eventually resulted in blood in Noelle Bhenning’s urine which revealed something she would have never expected: bladder cancer. Now, she undergoes regular cystoscopies to manage her condition but found solace in the BCAN community in being able to share her story to support others. This… Read More
  • Colleen’s Story: “It is important to take each day as it comes because the obstacles seem insurmountable in the beginning.”

    Colleen Griffin’s journey began with a puzzling diagnosis of interstitial cystitis. Despite treatments, her symptoms persisted. Hope flickered with a mysterious back implant but a month later, strange pains led to a revealing CT scan – bladder cancer. Through chemotherapy and a radical cystectomy, she persevered with unwavering support. Today,… Read More
  • Anita’s Story: “We have to be our own advocates and live life as bravely and as fully as we can.”

    It started with a seemingly innocent symptom: blood in her urine. Initially dismissed as a urinary tract infection by her general practitioner, Anita sought a second opinion in December 2019. By January 2020, the reappearance of blood in her urine prompted an urgent referral to a urologist which led to… Read More
  • Colleen’s Story: “I told myself, Okay, I’m going to live in the moment the best that I can and I’m not going to let this stop me.”

    Battling through her bladder cancer diagnosis as a young mother, Colleen found hope and resilience, ultimately embracing a transformative therapy. Amidst her journey, family, friends, and the support of BCAN’s invaluable resources became pillars of strength. This is Colleen’s story: I was diagnosed with bladder cancer in May of… Read More
  • Kathy’s Story: “I kept thinking, ‘I am on this train, and I don’t know where I am, and I don’t recognize the scenery of where we are.”

    Upon discovering blood in her urine, Kathy Whilden sensed things weren’t right. To her surprise, she not only faced kidney cancer but also a simultaneous diagnosis of bladder cancer. The revelation was startling, especially considering she hadn’t experienced any discomfort. Recognizing that health challenges might emerge with age, Kathy… Read More
  • Shannon’s Story: “This experience doesn’t define who I am at my core.”

    At just 35 years old, Shannon received a bladder cancer diagnosis. She opens up about her experience managing this illness while continuing to work, highlighting its effects on her career, mental well-being, and physical health. Despite the difficulties of her diagnosis, Shannon’s message is clear – bladder cancer doesn’t… Read More
  • Ana’s Story: “All I could think of was my three sons”

    “I just had this voice inside of me saying, “This isn’t normal. This isn’t right.” Just days following her 50th birthday, Ana Franks heard the three words she feared the most: you have cancer. She shares her moving story of being diagnosed with bladder cancer in hopes of helping current… Read More
  • Nicholas’s Story: “I would not trade being with my mom the last months of her life for anything”

    Nicholas, who lost his mother, Pamela Lightcap Simpson, in July of 2021, shares her journey with bladder cancer and the importance of an organization such as BCAN to bring awareness to this disease. Nicholas feels indebted to have spent valuable moments with her, even those that were a blessing in… Read More