Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer

“It is our hope that the My Bladder Cancer Story campaign will be an avenue for those affected by bladder cancer to share their stories to be a voice for those who, for far too long, have felt alone in this fight against this disease.”

Andrea Maddox-Smith, BCAN CEO
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  • Anita’s Story: “We have to be our own advocates and live life as bravely and as fully as we can.”

    It started with a seemingly innocent symptom: blood in her urine. Initially dismissed as a urinary tract infection by her general practitioner, Anita sought a second opinion in December 2019. By January 2020, the reappearance of blood in her urine prompted an urgent referral to a urologist which led to… Read More
  • Jim’s Story: “It’s been a long journey, but I’ve been hopeful all the time. There is a positive out of this.”

    Blood in the urine led Jim Rieker to a startling discovery: a tumor in his bladder. Diagnosed with aggressive bladder cancer, swift action was required. He braced himself for surgery to confront this relentless adversary. However, through his discovery of BCAN, as well as guidance from a bladder cancer survivor… Read More
  • Bill’s Story: “I am eternally grateful I discovered bladder preservation.”

    The concept of bladder preservation was foreign to Bill Moroney until he received the startling news of a bladder cancer diagnosis following a visit to his family doctor. In the ensuing months, he grappled with a whirlwind of emotions, struggling to comprehend the implications of his diagnosis. Determined to confront the… Read More
  • Gary and Cecilia: Be Thankful That Every Day is Another Day of Success

    BCAN had the pleasure of speaking with Gary and Cecilia DeVore. Gary was diagnosed with stage three muscle-invasive bladder cancer in January 2021. The DeVores shed light on their journey from a caregiver and patient point of view. BCAN: What symptoms did you experience before your diagnosis? Gary: I noticed… Read More
  • Sebrena’s Story: Bladder Cancer Turned Into “Resolution”

    Editor’s note: BCAN had the pleasure of speaking with Sebrena on her bladder cancer diagnosis anniversary. When asked how she felt about being a one-year survivor, she stated “I am stronger in one sense, but the struggle is still present.”  This is her story. In March 2022, I noticed… Read More
  • Steve’s Journey: From Agent Orange to a Radical Cystectomy

    My journey with bladder cancer began in October 2017 at the age of 70. Being a Vietnam War veteran exposed to Agent Orange, I cannot help but think that may have played a role in my diagnosis. Before finding out that I had bladder cancer, I had mild symptoms. There… Read More
  • Walter Had Stage IV, Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer

    Before his Stage IV bladder cancer diagnosis, Walter was healthy but when we could return home from the gym, there was blood in his urine. He knew that something was wrong, but he did not suspect bladder cancer. Read More
  • Krisztina Walks for Bladder Cancer Patients

    Krisztina Emodi is a nurse practitioner at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF).  She works very closely with Dr. Sima Porten, a urologic cancer surgeon, a researcher at UCSF and a 2022 Walk to End Bladder Cancer ambassador. Krisztina Emodi Krisztina and Dr. Porten have been involved… Read More
  • Allen’s Story: Anger, Denial, Then Acceptance

    In March of 2014, I was diagnosed with stage two bladder cancer. I went in for my annual check-up with my general practitioner and he saw something in my blood work that he did not like, so he requested I do another blood draw. During the next six weeks, I… Read More