Krisztina Walks for Bladder Cancer Patients

Krisztina Emodi is a nurse practitioner at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF).  She works very closely with Dr. Sima Porten, a urologic cancer surgeon, a researcher at UCSF and a 2022 Walk to End Bladder Cancer ambassador.

Krisztina Emodi

Krisztina and Dr. Porten have been involved in the Walks for several years and Krisztina is now the captain of the university team, UCSF Bladder Heroes.  She and her teammates will be participating in the Virtual Walk on May 7, 2022 and will walk to raise awareness of bladder cancer as well as critical funds for BCAN’s free programs and services.

Krisztina’s role is preoperative preparation for those patients who are about to have their bladders removed.  The Walk to End Bladder Cancer is important to her because she has seen the value of the free information and programming that BCAN offers for patients.  She and Dr. Porten frequently encourage bladder cancer patients to visit BCAN’s web site to learn more about what to expect along their journeys with the disease. 

Krisztina also offers a healthcare provider perspective on why BCAN’s work is important to the bladder cancer community.  She has attended the Bladder Cancer Think Tank, an annual gathering of bladder cancer physicians, researchers, advocates and other medical professionals and told BCAN “I attended the 2019 Bladder Cancer Think Tank I can say with 100% certainty that it was one of the best meetings of my life.”  Krisztina noted the spirit of collaboration involving so many disciplines related to improving the lives of bladder cancer patients.  “At Think Tank, I saw oncologists, pharmacists, nurses, epidemiologists, researchers, social workers and patients all working together to find solutions.  It was such an amazing meeting.”

We encourage you and your loved ones, colleagues and friends to join the 2022 Walk to End Bladder Cancer. To join Krisztina’s Virtual Walk team simply visit, click on “search teams” and look for “UCSF Bladder Heroes.”  You can also form your own team to participate virtually or participate in one of the 14 in-person Walks in cities across America.