Webinar: Unraveling the Mysteries of Urine Cytology

With Dr. Phil Abbosh and Dr. Max Kates

Urine cytology is a test to look for abnormal cells in your urine. Your doctor uses this along with other tests and procedures to diagnose bladder cancer and other urinary tract cancers. Urine cytology may also be used in people who have already been diagnosed with bladder cancer and have undergone treatment. In these cases, a urine cytology test may help detect a bladder cancer recurrence.

What else are they able to see in your pee? In this interesting webinar, Dr. Max Kates from Johns Hopkins Health and Dr. Philip Abbosh from Fox Chase Cancer Center explain how urine helps your medical team understand what is happening in your bladders. They highlight what new biomarkers and tests can help monitor your bladder cancer treatment progress or disease recurrence.  

Year: 2021

Part I: What is Urine Cytology and What Do They Look For?


Part II: Frequently Asked Questions About Urine Cytology


Part III: Question and Answer



Listen to the Bladder Cancer Matters episode in which Drs. Kates and Abbosh go into greater detail about biomarkers and urine cytology.