Which Type of Chemo Is Best When Facing a Radical Cystectomy? with Dr. Matthew Galsky


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In Episode 56 of Bladder Cancer Matters, host Rick Bangs talks with Dr. Matthew Galsky, a medical oncologist who specializes in treating bladder cancer patients, about advancing new treatments for bladder cancer through clinical development and investigating the gap between the efficacy and real-world effectiveness of existing chemotherapies. Among other topics, they discuss: 

​BCAN Scientific Advisory Board Member, Matthew Galsky, MD
  • The VESPER trial and its purpose related to bladder cancer
  • Background on two chemotherapies, MVAC and GemCis, for muscle invasive bladder cancer
  • The side effects of both chemotherapy regimens
  • Identifying who requires treatment and who benefits from it
  • Other promising developments occurring in the field of chemotherapy for the initial treatment of bladder cancer patients

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