Why I Walk to End Bladder Cancer

The Walks to End Bladder Cancer are BCAN’s signature awareness events and take place in numerous cities in the United States, principally in May, which is Bladder Cancer Awareness Month.

Our volunteers are at the heart of everything we do, and we are so grateful to them.  Each walker has his or her own story, and below, we have shared stories from people about why they participate in the Walk to End Bladder Cancer.

Why I Walk to End Bladder Cancer

  • Dr. Benjamin Miron

    I walk to recognize all the people who live with or have survived bladder cancer. I walk to thank them for their generosity in participating in the research that we do to improve our care for this disease. I support BCAN who have been instrumental in advocating and providing resources for patients and researchers alike to advance our mission to cure bladder cancer.”

  • Bryan S.

    2022 will be my 8th year of participating in the annual Walk, and I’m proud to say that I’ve raised over $10,000 to date and know that it is all for a great cause. This year, I will be doing two Walks, including one in NYC with fellow members of a Neobladder Support Group, which has become a whole new “family” for me from across the country and beyond.

  • Dr. Gary Steinberg

    Why I Walk:  As a bladder cancer physician I have unfortunately seen bladder cancer affect many patients over the years. For men, it’s the 4th most common cancer. For women, bladder cancer presents too late, and death rates are higher.  Read more.

  • Jamie R.

    Why I Walk:  Becoming a BCAN Team Captain has helped my family and I keep my Dad’s memory alive through the annual Walk to End Bladder Cancer. This walk has afforded us the opportunity to not only raise awareness about the illness, but to also have an annual day to honor my Dad. while celebrating survivors, new research, and overall progress made in the fight against bladder cancer.

  • Dave D.

    Why I Walk:  This is my third year as team captain of Brave for Dave. It never ceases to amaze me how generous and supportive my family, friends and acquaintances are.  It is very gratifying to raise money and be part of the BCAN team and to help others who are fighting this disease.

  • Lauren Screeden, Chicago Walk Ambassador

    Why I Walk:  I walk in memory of my mom, but I also walk in honor of all those fighting bladder cancer today and their loved ones who have been touched by this horrible disease. Read more of Lauren’s story here.

  • Mary Ann A.

    Why I Walk:  I walk in memory of my husband Jack.  Before he passed away, I I told him I would work with BCAN to help raise awareness about bladder cancer.  My goal is to help end bladder cancer so what happened to him will not have to happen to others.

  • Pamela F.

    Why I Walk:  I would like to pay special recognition to the community that BCAN has developed to bring awareness to this under-recognized disease. BCAN is the reason that people like me have a platform to tell their difficult stories. BCAN is the reason that bladder cancer no longer feels quite so lonely.

  • Krisztina E.

    Why She Walks: Krisztina Emodi helps many individuals face some of the hardest decisions of their lives while undergoing challenging treatments.  She is a nurse practitioner at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). Her primary focus is on bladder cancer.

  • Rick B.

    Why I Walk:  I had never heard of bladder cancer until I was diagnosed. Quite a scary time for me and my wife. Luckily, she found the BCAN website which helped us tremendously. Since then, I have felt the need to help others through their bladder cancer storm. I am so humbled at how we all have helped the Richmond Walk grow each year.

  • Karen S.

    Why I Walk:  I walk in memory of my husband, Roger to still give him a voice in an organization he was so passionate about. I walk for myself, as a survivor, to spread the word of caring support, “You are not alone.”

  • Bob S.

    Why I Walk: I walk to end bladder cancer because I am a survivor and I want to help other survivors get through this terrible process.  I hope you’ll join me at the Boston Walk to End Bladder Cancer on May 9, 2020.

    You can also view Bob’s Why I Walk video here.

  • Casey H.

    Why I Walk:  My father passed away in December of 2018 from Bladder Cancer, after being diagnosed only earlier that month. This walk gives us a day to honor him with our closest family and friends. And this year we’re extremely excited to have founded Friends For Frank, a fundraiser with all proceeds going to the walk; in hopes of not only raising money to find a cure but to bring awareness to bladder cancer.